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Using HGRBS Service Booklet


Great prep for how US private homeowners can use the HGRBS Service Booklet. Learn new aggressive ideas for preventing home fraud. There is no charge for accessing this invaluable guide online.


Your "SERVICE BOOKLET" is a useful free online tutorial developed by independent volunteers in association with HGRBS. This revealing resource can aide US private home heads towards making safer and wiser decisions in resident-contractor relations. This is especially (but not solely) with regard to candidates for home maintenance and improvement projects.



There are 3 basic parts, and a 1-page supplement: 
* Effective Researching of Contractors (otherwise known as “Service Validation").
* Effective Means for Filing Complaints with Related Government Offices.
* Additional Info for Residents Making the Best Strategic Choices. 
* Resident Strategic Studies
Each is outlined in the actual Service Booklet each resident downloads


Key To The Effectiveness Of

Service Booklet Summarized In 7 Steps:

1. Take ownership. We are each accountable to our household for decisions we make. 

2. Read often.

3. Understand how to use it.

4. Use often, especially with contractors not very known in the neighborhood

5. Fully utilize all hyperlinks it contains to look-up contractors operating in the state where our property is located.

6. Fully utilize other hyperlinks to learn about new ideas.

7. Customize consistent with what we believe will be optimal implementation for our purposes.


OPTIONAL Home Guide For Better Resident-Contractor Relations :

When Ready, Feel Free To Visit  The  HGRBS  "Service Booklet Area."  It Is Where You Can Locate The One  For  Your  Respective  State. You Can Then Download And  Benefit: 



"Better Decisions, Better Results"



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