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"The leading reason for most successful contract-related home projects, is that residents 'do' thorough enough  service validations on contractors; the leading reason for most unsuccessful contract-related home projects, is that residents 'do not' do thorough enough service validations on contractors."

The Line Up

When it comes to the home project you have in mind for which you anticipate authorizing contractor assistance, one of first things it is strongly recommended for you to do, is thoroughly research "contractors." That is, of course, pluralized since time and again it has been proven that your chances for getting the sort of service you need, in the reasonable price range you need, are much greater when you first interview at least five (5) contractors who are similarly skilled towards the sort of project you have in mind.

Initial Research

The "initial research" entails asking around about the best contractors for the sort of project you need accomplished. Sources in this regard are ... ... word-of-mouth; 2. internet search engines; 3. contractors themselves.

What you are looking for are contractors who are best skilled for the project. People can tell you anything; the internet can tell you anything; even the contractors themselves can tell you anything. It may take a while before you have at least five (5) likely candidates for your project. Please, do not rush a thing. Once you have your candidates, you can then set up a brief introductory meeting. Ten (10) minutes at most.

The 10-Minute Meeting

It is recommended that you schedule these separately but in the same hour, on the same day. You will later hand each of them a special screening document (This is later introduced in this tutorial). Be certain they are whom they say they are.

Physically, inspect ID. You must see it clearly. If they do not have proper ID, it is recommended that you go no farther. Decline service. However, when contractors have proper ID, proceed. During this meeting, you can:

  1. give each a walk-around or a walk-through (depending on your project's location), synonymous to discussing your hopes for project results, then winding down at the front of the house where you can ask his/her bid;
  2. carefully, record the bid in your pad; note who gave it in writing, as well;
  3. then ask the contractor to wait at the foot of your front steps or at the front gate until you return. Do not allow contractor inside for ANY reason since nothing has been finalized. If your screening document is not readily accessible, please, gently lock your door if you have to go more than a couple yards into the home);
  4. return with your "SERVICE VALIDATION FORM" (It is a contractor screening document) and ask the contractor to take it with him/her, fill it out 100%, then return it  within 24 hours (or at some later time) along with five (5) references from residents for whom he/she has "RECENTLY" done the same or similar work;
  5. Repeat with the other contractors;                                    

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* "SERVICE VALIDATION FORM" Contractor Screening Document (Website). This special website explains its origins, design, use, and invaluability towards successfully screening out the worst contractors and screening in the best. Download available. Included are useful MP3 explanations]

6. If the contractor returns the 100% complete screening document (the "SERVICE VALIDATION FORM"), and all the required five (residential references, you can then than him/her for dropping it off, then let the contractor know that you will get back to him/her some time on the following day or later;

7. Please, do the research or delegate it;

8. Ideally, after a day or so, depending on your research using the SERVICE VALIDATION SYSTEM, and checking the 5 recent residential references for whom contractor claims having done the same/similar work, please, make your BEST decision.

Results must be 100% favorable, however. If not, it is recommended that you search for more reliable candidates using same procedure. Sometimes best candidates are just around the bend. Please, find them!

*Please, Refer Now to the "Homeowner's Fast Track to Best Contractors" tutorial for your specific geographic region of the U.S.. If for some reason it is not active on this sight, please, notify us immediately!


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