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Your "SERVICE BOOKLET" is a useful free online tutorial developed by independent volunteers in association with HGRBS which enables US private home heads to make safer and wiser decisions about contractor candidates for special home maintenance and improvement projects.


There are 3 parts of the “SERVICE BOOKLET:”

* Effective Researching of Contractors (otherwise known as “Service Validation").

* Effective Means for Filing Complaints with Related Government Offices.

* Additional Info for Residents Making the Best Strategic Choices. 


"The leading reason for most successful contract-related home projects is that residents 'do' thorough enough research or service validations on contractors; the leading reason for most unsuccessful contract-related home projects is that residents 'do not' do thorough enough research or service validations on contractors." Opening paragraph of "Effective Researching Of Contractors" from your "SERVICE BOOKLET."

This is one version of the "Universal Law Of Home Project Success & Failure"

Paraphrase: Residents who are most successful at getting their contractor-related home projects done are those whose protocol(house rules) include 'always doing' thorough reputation checks on contractor candidates before making a decision. But residents who are the most apt to be tricked by detrimental contractors are those who 'normally do not' have protocol (house rules) for first doing proper reputation checks on contractor candidates before making hiring decisions.

Which Resident Would You Much Rather Be?  Which Is YOU?

OPTIONAL Personal Assignment :


Choices: Essentially this very unique booklet is an in-direct (free-style) home study for U.S. private home heads  which enables you to address real contractor-related issues you may face as you are “learning the strategies.” The “SERVICE BOOKLET” is primarily a free online source/resource for successfully validating the reputations and backgrounds of contractors, as well as special complaint procedure and filings relative to the standards of where you live. It contains relative hyperlinks to both private and government sources specific to your area. There is a “SERVICE BOOKLET” which is especially customized and fine-tuned to existing accepted standards specific to residents in each of the 50 states, including the District of Columbia. SERVICE BOOKLET

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