Homeowner's Survey

Of Resident-Contractor Relations

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[This survey is offered under the auspices of HGRBS. Your participation as a U.S. private home decision maker is always welcome. Emphasis of this ongoing survey is on resident-contractor relations and probable issues. You are welcome to indulge any time you like. There is no present deadline. This is a "running" survey.


Those whom are ideal for this open online survey are U.S. private home heads residing in the following residential structures: Single-Family, Duplex, Small to Mid-sized Mansions and Estates.

  • Residents whom reside in apartment complexes, multi-tiered condo settings, or in surroundings comprised of multiple “units” legally designated to accommodate more than two, individual families, are cordially asked not to participate. The reason is that these are not within HGRBS areas of specialization.


Thank you for participating in this homeowner's Survey!

Brief Outline

This is an open online survey. The 3-fold purpose is to ascertain:

1. if whether or not there is anything more HGRBS can do as an online volunteer entity to be of better service to you;

2. if whether or not there is something we can do to connect you with authorized legal sources in your area to assist you towards addressing ongoing issues with residential contractors;

3. if whether or not you are comfortable with accepting ancillary information online via HGRBS relative to making better decisions scouting, selecting, and hiring residential contractors for your special home projects. In this survey, there are spaces for you to enter your information. These are used for: 

a. connecting with you (if you require information assistance);

b. area identification necessary for HGRBS records of this survey: For reasons of conserving the confidentiality of your personal information, we have made entering the same as inconspicuously as possible. If you like, you can leave all but “Today’s Date,” and  your “Actual Geographic Area” blank.

Thank You For Participating In This Homeowner's Survey! 

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