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 Resident Strategic Studies

There are an untold number of private home residents who are caught by surprise (largely due to neglecting thorough “service validations” on contractors) learning that the contractor they hired was not reliable. It could be for any number of reasons, from doing shoddy work to no work at all. Also, in most of these cases, residents did the forbidden: They gave the contractor money in advance. The amount given is not as significant as the fact that it was not invested wisely.  But before you file your complaint with the proper state authorities, please, note this:

Note: Formal resident etiquette which is universally accepted in contractor-related disputes is for you to first put forth a personal, documented effort to resolve differences before actually filing a complaint with the government. One reason is that many complaints can be resolved when you diplomatically approach contractors directly with a personal complaint letter.

Normally, it’s used as both a serious warning for probable legal action, and as documentation for the government, that, just in case the contractor is uncooperative, you have written evidence to the effect you tried. This adds more leverage to your complaint when you really have to file it with the State Office or Board which has jurisdiction over actual or suspected contractor improprities.

Please, get your attorney’s advice on the feasibility of sending the contractor/contract firm the following Complaint Letter:

Optional Format for Complaint Letter to Business     (Optional first move)

Each State Has At Least One Consumer Complaint Form

The "Consumer Complaint Form" is accessible when you go online. Depending on how jurisdictions are assigned in your State/District, one or more of the forms, which appear in the immediate right column of this page, will be available to you from your Consumer Protection/Affairs Office online.

To access, please go to your favorite search engine, then browse, first entering your state(DC? Please, do the same), then following that with any variation of "Consumer Protection/Consumer Affairs."

Either way, in most cases, you will be directly patched into the "Office of the Attorney General" whom usually  presides over the Consumer Protection/Consumer Affairs personnel.

National Association of Attorneys General

Special Note Concerning
Alleged Contractor Foul Play

A major reason contractors are sometimes victimizing private home residents for a number of years without prosecution is that residents either "suffer in silence" or complain to the "wrong" people. Here (government) is where it counts! Please, get here early! Stop them early! 

Any Of These Complaint Forms Are Accessible From Online Through Your Sovereign  Government

    a. Online Compliant Form (The form can be conveniently embedded in the website of your respective Consumer Protection/Affairs Office);

      b. Complaint Form - PDF fill-able. This form, although you can fill it out offline, and send  along with other e-mails and documents you first scan into PDF's before attaching, as well, it is not always recommended for sending via e-mail. Your Consumer Protection/Affairs Office may require that you print it out, then mail it with copies of  supportive documentation. Normally, the Office will mention their policy in that regard so as to facilitate receiving your information.

      c. Complaint Form - PDF non-fill-able. Evidently, this one is always intended for printing out in order to fill out. And, as with the potentially "fill-able offline" edition required to be mailed in hard copy, you enter your information accurately and carefully, then send it off with copies of supportive documentation (when required). The address to the Office is usually at the top of the form. Best recommendation is to send by certified/registered regular mail.

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